Louise Gaul‘s second release firmly reiterates her impeccable gift for creating instant goosebumps and intense reflection. Butterfly is a stunning masterpiece that has left us scrambling to put into words both its heartbreaking beauty and the breathlessness it leaves behind.

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Butterfly is the kind of song that makes you cry before you even really hear it. The intensity of the musical journey, as Louise Gaul‘s vocals shimmer, glide, intertwine and grow, is enough to tell you exactly how to feel. There is no fighting how fully this entire song washes over you, collapses heavily in your lap, and then tenderly crawls up into your arms again. When you think Louise has turned over every stone, or when there’s no other depth you can possibly be plunged into, the song takes a step in a new direction to add even more complexity and layers of intensity.

Delivering a whole spectrum of emotion, Butterfly is a song you have to experience with your entire body. Seven-minutes-plus, but it still isn’t long enough. We’ve chased it on repeat to capture every last drop of feeling within it, but not a single listen is devoid of the blissfully excruciating reflection it bestows.

Upon another listen, the vocals must come first. There are few artists, if any, that we could ever compare to how intricately, poetically and powerfully a singer such as Damien Rice can weave their words, but Louise Gaul is undoubtedly one of those rare talents. And no doubt, the simple elegance of a piano, some strings and her spectacular vocals effortlessly place Louise in that same ilk as it is.

Lyrically, it’s a harrowing journey. There’s the heaviness of the blood on her hands, the sadness over things lost and taken away or ‘smeared on roads’ she travels down, the overwhelming image of the quiet canvas with ‘no sense in sound‘, and the feeling of being lost as she drives for hours to meet this song.

I had driven out to a beach house by myself to write ‘Butterfly’. There was a distinct fragility and nakedness about that whole experience and it became one of my most honest writing sessions.

Louise Gaul

There aren’t enough words to describe the spectacular art of this track. It’s gentle against thrusting and powerful vocals. It’s delicate against momentous crescendos. It’s simple against a stunning canon of her own vocals. It’s devastatingly haunting against its pure euphoric mastery.

It’s a song that will give you chills, shake you to your absolute core, and pierce your aching soul. It will drag you breathlessly beneath the waters of a violent ocean, then weightlessly lift you soaring amongst sun-soaked clouds again. It will hurt you and heal you, and you will never forget the first moment you heard this.

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo