Sydney group Highline have released an intimate single from their upcoming EP Off Track (due 14 May). Chasing Heaven is an understated indie rock track that pours out a message of conflict and explores the blurred lines between good and bad.

Image: Connor Sprague

I’m chasing heaven, chasing you’. This is the centrepiece of Highline’s latest track and is a line that conjures up conflicting duality in several spaces. At first instance, you might consider it to be about pursuing the object of your affection. On one hand, there’s someone giving us the ‘warm and fuzzies’; where our ideals put that person up on a pedestal and everything about them is entirely magnetic. On the other hand, there’s the self-sacrificing manner in which we pursue these flings, often leaving ourselves to be the ones who get hurt.

On further listen, Chasing Heaven is much more complicated than that. Highline have delved into the darker side of attraction. The kind of bad that feels so damn good. The desire to live a little bit dangerously, and the allure of the people that effortlessly seem to live their lives on that ledge.

It embodies the glorification of thinking you’re chasing what it really means to be alive, while also blindly gambling with your own self in the process.

This song is really about the allure of hazardous vices and peoples’ self-destructive attraction to them; about how it’s so common to see people chase these heavenly ‘highs’ whilst also indirectly chasing their graves, finding themselves chasing heaven in two very different ways at the same time.

Rhys Hope, Lead Guitarist

The song itself starts off with that surf rock kind of guitar, but instead of gliding down that beachy horizon, Highline have crafted a charming indie-rock track that stops short of anything clichéd or too relaxed. In fact, it’s that dreamy warmth that creates so much intimacy and allows you the space to explore its every meaning.

Stream Chasing Heaven below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo