Slayyyter has a specialty for delivering her music in technicolour. Her vibrancy keeps no secrets, but her wild diversity is so mysterious that we can never wait to see what she does next. Her latest track Cowboys is another exciting and colourful track full of retro-guitar, angsty punk-pop vocals, and a devilish sweetness that you can never quite trust.

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Slayyyter is a master of mashing metaphors and unashamedly never minces her words (like ‘you’re fast on the draw and your snake real small‘….ooooh, burn). Her orgasmic ‘ohs‘ grind into electric chainsaw guitars, mimicking the edgy comic-style danger and horror of previous track Self Destruct (ft Wuki).

There’s no shame in Slayyyter’s approach. She dishes out a smorgasbord in a choose-your-own-adventure kind of style. In this track, she makes reality out of fictional characters, taking on her own John Wayne in the moonlightwhile teasing and delivering sassy taunts.

She’s got a real ‘don’t-fuck-with-me‘ vibe without ever taking a second too seriously – a sentiment that will no doubt lace her upcoming LP Troubled Paradise (out June 11).

The St. Louis-born singer creates twisted dreams a reality with thriller tracks that fuse familiar scenes like that of an old Western movie with a modern Y2K/Millenial spin. It’s a warped reality we love to be apart of – Slayyyter’s sonic buzz is a little bit different, but her imaginative imagery can also theatrically transcend the music itself.

Stream Cowboys or watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo