There’s something about waiting for a phone call that never comes. It starts with intense excitement, then creeps into a sense of doubt, until finally you meet pure frustration (especially when you’re charged and ready for something a little more playful). COTTA‘s latest track Didn’t Call somehow makes you feel light and youthful while also being entirely relatable in adult relationships.

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COTTA (Cassidy Mackie) has a knack for throwing herself, head and heart first, into sharing tales of love and loss. Her latest track ‘Didn’t Call’, is another modern ‘Dear Diary’ moment wrapped up in a feel-good, soothing pop ballad and a clever sense of humour.

With keys that sound like pushing the key pad of an old Nokia phone, an off-beat ticking clock tracking anticipation, and melodically crafted ringing and dial tones, Didn’t Call has all the traces of a technology-assisted relationships. COTTA’s latest track is an ode to the frustration of unkept phone dates. She beautifully captures the romance and effort involved, with visuals of setting perfume on the counter to set the scene and a metaphorical making of ‘space to make love’ speaking to more than just her physical sense of preparation.

There’s wit in the lyrics, as lines like ‘so I learned how to scream on my own at a screen‘ equally speaking to the annoyance of being stood up and the need to take romantically charged matters into your own hands (which is followed up by the equally witty ‘I’m the star of the show while I’m thinking of you‘).

‘Didn’t Call’ is a song I wrote to pay tribute to my wonderful boyfriend who’s putting up with a long distance relationship with me at the moment.  In between weekend visits, FaceTime is an essential part of our communication – and one night when he was busy at soccer training, the chorus melody started floating around in my head.  It’s a cheeky reference to making do when the phone rings out, until you can speak again.

COTTA (Cassidy Mackie)

The simplicity of the song is what makes it so impactful. The vocals have a sense of late ’90s/early ’00s pop (of the Billie Piper ilk) and the punchy beat carries an R&B influence. It’s fresh and fun, but mature and effective. COTTA’s vocals and lyricism are easily the stars.

Stream Didn’t Call below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo