Jordan Merrick’s latest song is a swooning blues track full of warm lazy slides, cozy deep vocals, and provokingly glum thoughts. Melodically, Lonelier Than You hovers somewhere between a barnyard slow dance while lyrically, it expresses a downward spiral into a bizarre reality. It’s a booze-soaked tune that is altogether simple, charming, witty and despondent.

A product of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lonelier Than You tells a story of the obscurity of the news cycle that no one could escape coupled with the uncomfortable feeling of increasing isolation. A slinky bass line guides the ragged country/blues guitar, while Jordan Merrick‘s throaty drawl gives the impression of honesty after an extra glass of bourbon. The depth of his voice is a comforting space to get lost in, just like in a tale vaguely mumbled and beautifully orchestrated by Nick Cave. This song somehow captures the whole spectrum – warmth, comfort, obscurity, humour, gloom and desolation – to ultimately represent the roller coaster of emotions that was brought by world in crisis.

Lonelier Than You’was inspired by the conspiracy theories that were born from Covid-19. Like a wallflower, I watched on as people isolated themselves, jumping from theory to theory and ultimately ended up down a rabbit hole that’s incredibly hard to climb out of… I wanted to paint a picture from the perspective of an individual who – surrounded by the mass amounts of ‘alt’ news – starts to have doubts about everything and seeks solace. There’s levity, there’s Elon Musk, there’s the importance of truth. It’s a song I feel we can all relate to in one way, shape or form.

Jordan Merrick

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo