Rising Sydney singer Sarah Yagki has released her second striking single for 2021. Shared Eyes creeps through the darkness to create a real sense of dramatic pop while offering an intimate look at Sarah’s evolving perceptions as she navigated her teenage years.

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Sarah Yagki‘s vocals are a mysterious blend of both innocence and maturity. With a super clean noughties pop style, her voice isn’t dissimilar to those of Jess and Lisa Origliasso (The Veronicas). Teaming up with James Guido at Obseen Recordings and mastering engineer Klaus Hill, the production of Shared Eyes is passionate and rich with emotion as Yagki lets listeners in to her evolving tale of personal growth. The dark pop influence is intimate and intriguing, while the sliding vocal lines create seduction and intensity.

‘Shared Eyes’ acts as a storybook to retelling my distant relationship with a parent. The verse, I created to represent me as a child and the song transitions through my teenage years. I’ve been writing songs since I was 13 and quite often, they come quickly to me. ‘Shared Eyes’ was actually written over many years as the subject matter was constantly evolving as I was growing with the song.

Sarah Yagki

The track plays with background vocals to create a heightened sense of power and impulse, giving the illusion of an internal monologue battling against outward expression. Showcasing a refined step in her journey, Shared Eyes is theatrically moody and adventurous.

Stream Shared Eyes below:

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo