There’s something about a slow dance that can make the world fall away. It’s a moment where time stands still. Your body is intimately close to another. Between you and the music there’s nothing else that exists, and you never want that moment to end. Mndsgn‘s latest track is a commitment to never stop that dance, metaphorically moving in time with the music of life, while capturing the lush and soulful sonic ambience of those private moments.

Photo: Shane Sakanoi

Slowdance is a jazzy and hypnotic track that makes you completely melt. The slow burn of the song is reminiscent of the late ’70s and early ’80s, combining easy disco and R&B to create one of those soundtrack-to-your-life kind of songs. On the surface, the timing seems regular but once you start to delve deeper into the beat, the subtle disjointed rhythms create a bewitching mind game. Mndsgn‘s gentle vocals are stacked and spacey, floating on top of the track like a perfectly tuned and tamed instrument.

The low-key groove creates visions of a dimly lit wine bar, hazy with cigar smoke, as cocktails and tumblers of whiskey are elegantly placed upon a mahogany bar. The back end of the track goes further back in time, as if adorning a moment in a dreamy ’60s movie, creating a little bit of tranquil intrigue which no doubt serves as a carefully placed segue between songs in Mndsign’s upcoming album Rare Pleasure (out June 4).

To me, the ability to deal with time and changes are tied to my ability to dance. The tempos speed up and slow down. Chords progress, weaving through tensions and resolves. The rhythms alternate from something familiar to something strange. Sometimes we adjust accordingly, sometimes we struggle to find the groove, finding ourselves a few beats ahead or behind. However we choose to dance is entirely up to our own expression. The point is to keep dancing whether fast or slow.’


Stream Slowdance or watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo