Somehow combining gentle beauty and icy revenge, Deb Never‘s latest track ‘Sorry‘ is an alluring production that finds light in the darkness (or perhaps darkness in the light). Setting an anticipatory tone, Sorry is the first track lifted from Deb Never’s upcoming project (slated for release in the coming months), leaving listeners eager to discover more of her unique blend of dreamy melodies and ominous grunge.

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Opening with a delicate synth that steadily pulses, Deb Never‘s latest track Sorry is another stunning example of her unique and easily-pleasing style. The muted and soothing melodic track is smooth and soft, while Deb Never’s vocals are the crisp and clear centrepiece. Her command over her vocals is hypnotically steady while her lyrics deliver an icy vengeance with a hint of lo-fi grunge and hip hop.

The short stopping synth that opens the track has a church-organ charm while it pulses with the pattern of a tolling bell. The bass line so deeply and heavily falls against your ears until cutting out completely to allow for a delicate flow of vocals that seamlessly trails as if in one breath. The cadence of the chorus is marked with mostly single-syllable words – a jarring juxtaposition to Deb Never’s voice that melts across the entire song.

It’s a grown-up pop song that would easily cater to the people who claim that ‘not liking pop music’ is a special personality trait. The song is so carefully composed and offers a combination of feelings to sink into – a sense of sentimentality, melancholic reflection, calm confrontation, or triumphant satisfaction. It captures overcoming toxic personalities and follows a pattern that constantly creeps in yet never overwhelms.

Stream Sorry or watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo