Here to revive that blissful summer vibe as the cold weather starts to creep in is Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist Sonny Grin. His latest release, The Rush, is infectiously vibrant and musically masterful, making it the ideal tune for a bit of escapism. With the help of RISSA, whose luscious vocals shower radiance over the track, The Rush is a song you’re guaranteed to have on endless repeat.

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Last week, Sonny Grin (a.k.a Alec Brinsmead) released an absolutely glorious summery track. That song is The Rush – an exciting alt/disco song that bounces with pure elation. Featuring the stunningly bright vocals of RISSA, the combination of her neo-soul/R&B vocals and Brinsmead’s extensive house knowledge create the ultimate Moloko or Booty Luv vibe.

Descibed by Brinsmead as ‘speak[ing] about being in the moment, enjoying the journey and acknowledging the good times when they come,’ The Rush has the luxurious feeling of driving through sunny California with the roof down and the warm breeze teasing your hair. It’s a shimmering tune that has an immediately addictive beat. The hi-hats are a stand out, but the entire track is a masterclass in this genre as Brinsmead deftly utilises rhythm, melody and lyricism to his advantage.

When I was writing this tune, I would close my eyes and think about the feeling of being a teenager on my way to a party, or at sunset pre-drinks with my closest mates. Those times, where you’re having so much fun at the start of the night, you almost don’t want to get where you’re going. We’ve become so focused on what we’re doing next, always rushing to level up and get to the next stage of our lives. This song is an anthem for taking a breath, smelling the roses, soaking up what’s in front of you.

Alec Brinsmead (Sonny Grin)

The Rush is almost universal, which is a near impossible feat to achieve. It could land in any of your playlists – whether it’s for the morning, the office, pre-drinks, sunday sessions, a weekday run, or even the late night shift – you name it, The Rush has it covered. It’s fresh, it’s freeing, and it’s completely irresistible.

Stream The Rush below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo