Sydney R&B artist MAXINE has unleashed her first track of 2021. Who I Am is a lusciously thick and sultry tune that embodies the highs and lows of suppressive relationships, somehow capturing fear, frustration and entrapment with sensuality, euphoria and empowerment.

Photo credit: Jordan Munns

MAXINE‘s latest song is a stunning R&B track full of edgy guitar, blended vocal effects and thick beats. Her honeyed vocals are sweet as hell, this time opening the track as if serenading us through the other end of a telephone line. Within an instant, her voice reaches clarity to deliver an unexpected punch while she talks about being ‘fucking faded in my room’. Commanding the attention of someone who once obviously failed to hear her, MAXINE’s voice delicately ebbs and flows through the lyrical journey of the track.

Thick bass lines bulge and pulse throughout Who I Am creating an overpowering warmth, while the off-beat percussion creates a scattered yet totally controlled sense of disquiet. The chorus bounces freely while simultaneously staying tightly wrapped around irresistible hooks. As she leads to her drawn out vocal calls later in the song she exerts an intense sense of empowerment as she overcomes the vulnerable lyricism of being down on her knees in a less powerful state.

Produced by Chunkyluv, Korky Buchek & Tasker, Who I Am is still a song full of sensuality. Despite tackling difficult emotions and uncomfortable situations, MAXINE continues to capture late-night moodiness and seductive vocal phrases (like her previous track, Do It) with her Lauryn Hill-esque finesse.

I wrote ‘Who I Am’ with my good friend Danny Duke. He pushed me to really draw back to the dark thoughts that I had dealing with my past relationship. I really battled with myself because for a long time I knew that being in that relationship wasn’t right for me and my head and my heart were always so conflicted towards the end. It’s my way of setting myself free of the mental chains I kept on myself. I guess I can say, that relationship played a part in making me who I am today.


Stream Who I Am below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo