Lexicon H’s debut single is a reflective track that tackles big topics in a short burst, and the official video clip exclusively launches today on LIKE VELVET Music. ‘Get Dizzy’ challenges the pursuit of future dreams at the cost of our present happiness. It pinpoints the blurred lines of self-interest and how heavily it can affect our journey through life, and more significantly, how our own identities are formed.

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Today, Lexicon H releases the official video clip for his debut single Get Dizzy. The heavily euro-influenced electronic track is filled with the signature sharp mechanical melodics and machine-style vocal reverberation of an Italian crime series soundtrack. The super-urban feel is something that translates visually in the video clip, which displays cityscapes in a universal way.

The visuals of traffic lights captured by long-exposure seem to soar from Lexicon H’s head like a beacon of light, emphasising his cynicism and deep train of thought. The bustle of the city around him while he stands still is representative of the chaos we try to keep up with and how lost we can feel as we try.

The video for Get Dizzy was designed to capture the seemingly chaotic yet intimate nature of youth. I wanted to juxtapose the big city life, hustling and bustling, full of lights, traffic, people and noise, with close up personal musical and lyrical moments. Working through locations all around Sydney from the suburbs to city centre, we were able to capture the various themes from the song on location and blend them into a singular video. It was a retrospective process as I found the need to reflect back on the composition of the song, what it meant to me and how it could best be portrayed. Given the various restraints and challenges I’m incredibly happy with the end product and extremely grateful for all the talented people I was able to work with in its production.

Lexicon H

Watch the premiere of the official video for Get Dizzy below:

Video editing and production: Rob Locke
Music Video filmed by: Rob Locke & Alexander Tuxford

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo