Track: Gemini – Jesabel

With eight years of DJing under her belt and an enviable history of working alongside some of the biggest global artists of the day, Jesabel has today released her highly anticipated debut pop single, Gemini. An electrifying and exuberant track, Gemini is dripping head-to-toe in sheer sugary energy.

TRACK: Killing Time – E for Echo

Well, if anyone has a knack for timing, it must be E for Echo. As Melbourne sinks into its first day of a new circuit-breaker lockdown, Sydney-based group E for Echo release their new single ‘Killing Time’ – a song that is all about life in a COVID-ravaged world (and no, we promise they’re not rubbing it in). With pyjamas as the dress code, the group have also released an official video clip. But instead of the masked population taking walks to spot cuddly toys in neighbouring windows, there’s a cute-but-angry life size teddy bear tormenting them from the street.


Sensational sister duo CLEWS have released their dynamic new EP, Loveluck Omens. Vibrant, exciting, energetic, and feminine – the four-track release is a powerfully punchy collection that is simply begging for a live show. While the EP is inspired by a lifetime of independence, the pair have put together an exclusive list of their Top 5 Break Up Songs for Like Velvet readers.

TRACK: Honey – Camp 8

Honey is the kind of song that you want to soak up on repeat. It’s full of warning signs, heavy self-reflection, and unshackling from fear of the unknown. Musically, it matches the journey. Gentle intensity is only the warm up for a song that triggers a spark of an unexpected energy before stripping right back to its rawness once again. Camp 8 (a.k.a. Reuben Apirana) has captured our heart and soul in a song that stunningly showcases heartache and the unanticipated gratification of change.