Sensational sister duo CLEWS have released their dynamic new EP, Loveluck Omens. Vibrant, exciting, energetic, and feminine – the four-track release is a powerfully punchy collection that is simply begging for a live show. While the EP is inspired by a lifetime of independence, the pair have put together an exclusive list of their Top 5 Break Up Songs for Like Velvet readers.

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CLEWS, a.k.a Lily and Grace Richardson, know a thing or two about navigating their 20s according to their own unique compasses. The sisters have put pen to paper (and voice to song) to explore the current themes of their lives, and how all those aspects interplay with one main concept – love. But their four-track EP, Loveluck Omens, isn’t the only thing the pair have unveiled. Accompanying their exploration through song, CLEWS have released a brand new podcast called LOVE CLEWS (available on Spotify), from which they’ll be sharing their relatable experiences around love, sex and dating.

The first track of the EP, Overluck, sets the theme for the EP. With a strong beat that drives the track, giving the vocals the perfect fiery canvas, the song captures that raw ’90s style edge (like Garbage or The Superjesus), but with a modern composure and poise. The second track, Want You That Way (reviewed by us here) is the fun, pop element of the EP. It’s the kind of song that would be right at home in a movie like 10 Things I Hate About You, and is a clever upbeat disguise for an otherwise sad song.

Cuban Heel is the focal point of the EP and is meant for those times where ‘love is a lightning bolt’. It captures that head-over-heels kind of whirlwind when you have so many feelings, but aren’t sure what to do with them. With an explosive chorus, you can feel the intensity rise and the energy burst, much like a classic noughties track from The Killers. As described by CLEWS, ‘it’s a mad fever dream of love, a story about feeling like you’ve met someone so out of your league it hurts to fantasise about being with them‘.

The final track, F.A.U.X, takes things a little bit slower. Starting with a more expansive feel, it’s a beautiful showcase of the sisters’ vocal ability, and how spectacularly they can capitalise on their similarities while also contrasting against each other. With a lighter feel (a little Sixpence None The Richer) this song rounds out the EP on a soft and charming note.

This EP and everything that comes with it is a completely unfiltered exploration of a simple idea: I turned 25 last year and have never been in love or in a relationship. The songs reflect on what it’s like to be forever single, to build a wonderful life without a partner in crime and how never having had a boyfriend (or girlfriend) seems like an unusual predicament. As a woman, I have navigated so many ideas around companionship, sex, romance, self-worth, bodies and everything in between and these songs gather all my thoughts on the concept of ‘love’ that humans have been obsessed with since biblical times.


Stream Loveluck Omens and read on for the pair’s TOP 5 BREAK UP SONGS below:


1. Bust Your Windows, Jazmine Sullivan. Disclaimer: I (Lily) have never gone through a break up. Grace has, but she’s never been broken up with. So we’re not exactly experts on the subject…but that makes us perfect candidates to truly live vicariously through breakup songs. This song is an iconic ’00s hit. I was in year 7 when it came out and remember being so fired up when they sang it on Glee. Like yesssss key his car!! Not just because it’s a great song, but because it encapsulates female rage and anger, and doesn’t portray a heartbroken woman sooking over a dirtbag man.

2. No Distance Left To Run, Blur. This song makes me want to fall in love just so I can watch the relationship slowly fizzle out, wait for the moment I realise it’s all over, wish the other person happiness, put on this record, lie on the floor and cry. 

3. Hate This Part, The Pussycat Dolls. This song is legitimately in my top three songs of all time. Nicole is pouring her heart out, it’s so sad, but the vocals have such a bite to them that you actually feel better once it’s over. Don’t even get me started on the strings and piano arrangement, and the music video that features the dolls dancing in the desert and an actual live wolf. I honestly think this song should be one of the ones that we beam out into space for aliens to get a sense of what the human race is all about. 

4. Nothing Compares 2 U, Sinead O’Connor version. My mum showed me this song when I was a teenager, and I distinctly remember watching the music video on our desktop computer with her, that iconic shaved head burned into my mind. I didn’t know it was written by Prince until much later, but Sinead’s version will always be the one for me. Because I’ve always been single, this song makes me reflect on how much I treasure my freedom. I can always do what I want without wishing I had someone in particular by my side like Sinead is pining for in this song. 

5. Cool, Gwen Stefani. The most grown, mature break up song ever. I aspire to be Gwen here.

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