Canberra-based artist Lucy Sugerman recently released her latest candied track ‘golden boy‘. Tongue in cheek and boldly fun, this song is a triumphant little kick up the backsides to the boys who think themselves just a little bit special. Shining a light on the abundance of music talent in her neck of the woods, Lucy has compiled a list of her top 5 Canberra artists that you need to hear right now.

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Starting with a piano pattern that mirrors The Commodore‘s ‘Easy‘, Lucy Sugerman‘s latest track ‘golden boy‘ is pure sassy pop fun. With a Lily Allen-esque quirkiness, Sugerman’s sweet girlish vocals are a guise for her acid tongue and humorous quips. Lines like ‘an asshole’s still an asshole when it’s bleached‘ take away any disillusion of innocence, but the sugar-coated track stays entirely digestible.

I was pretty fired up when I wrote [golden boy]. It’s the first song from this project where the depreciation lands on someone other than me! I think for me, “golden boy” captures that stage of the breakup process where you’re angry as a coping mechanism, and trying to focus on the bad side of a relationship as a method of moving on. I know writing it was super cathartic and a huge emotional turning point for me.

Lucy Sugerman

Speaking further on the track, Sugerman says, ‘[r]egardless of who’s right or wrong, I hope all my fellow heartbroken and jaded people can relate and have a little chuckle about their decisions in love and things they put up with too.

Stream golden boy below or watch the official video here:

Top 5 Upcoming Canberra artists you need to know. Right now.

Canberra gets a bad rap sometimes due to having a certain big building in the middle of it… but I’m here to let you know that I swear none of those politicians actually even live here, and we do have a largely non-public servant population, not to mention an endless amount of vibrant music and culture coming out of our city (yes, we get to lay claim to king Genesis Owusu – what an album!!!). I wanted to share some of the Canberra artists and bands I have on high rotation at the moment that you need to know and listen to ASAP.  I may be a little biased, as I am born and raised in the capital, but I do have so much love and admiration for this city. And I think you’ll love these guys

ARTIST #1: biblemami 
FAVOURITE SONG: act ur age

Her song act ur age has been on high rotation for me from the moment I heard it. I am the biggest champion of female songwriters and artists, the biggest Canberra stan – and biblemami ticks both of those boxes so wonderously. And not to mention has incredible style. The teen bedroom moody-pop icon you’ve been waiting for. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a Mallrat fan. 

ARTIST #2: Kirklandd

Kirk has the unfortunate role of being one of my best friends – but I’ve been a fan long before I even knew him. He’s possibly one of the hardest workers I know, with a flair for genre crossovers and emotive connection both on and off the stage. Kirklandd’s song ’Too Late’ is a must-listen – it was the nostalgic summer anthem of 2020/21 for me, with killer production by Cam Bluff (Amy Shark, Bliss N Eso, Illy), blending acoustic guitar lines, understated pop hooks and percussive 90s inspired flows.

ARTIST #3: Reverend Bones

Michael John Bones aka. Reverend Bones has eggs in a number of baskets – from activism to songwriting to being an all-round stellar human.  Bones makes indie and gospel-blues-country infused rock, writing about themes such as spirituality, addiction, masculinity, love, sex and work and play. He also was involved in planning Miley Cyrus’ bushfire relief concert, co-created New Energy with Jack River and was part of the Future Energy Artists initiative.

ARTIST #4: Miroji
FAVOURITE SONG: Where You’re Wrong 

An indie-pop electro dream duo, Miroji (aka. George Levantis and Gogo Miller) just released their debut EP ‘Where You’re Wrong’ – oozing with ridiculously catchy hooks and perfect bass drop moments in the production by George and lyrical prowess and soaring vocals by Gogo. They cite Flight Facilities, Flume and Sofi Tukker as some of their influences, and you’ll love them if you like Vera Blue or early Glass Animals.

ARTIST #5: Parklands

I’ve had the privilege of seeing these lads play live quite a few times now – and they never disappoint, bringing unforgettable energy and fun to every show. For fans of Spacey Jane, Good Lekker or Bugs, Parklands write delicious alternative indie-rock, jam packed with strong hooks and guitar lines to get you dancing and screaming along.

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