Paying homage to late rapper Mac Miller, Utah-based indie rock band Sunsleeper have released a stunning cover of Come Back to Earth. Breathing new meaning into a painfully beautiful song, Mac Miller’s lyricism is proving enduring in an unforeseen future, and Sunsleeper have exquisitely paid tribute to that without overstepping the mark.

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I’ll do anything for a way out of my head‘ – a universal line, applicable to so many at some point in their lives, and potentially to all of us during the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic. Poignant and apt, Sunsleeper‘s delicate cover of an already stunning and deeply meaningful song creates a sense of being together while we’re ultimately feeling alone. Come Back To Earth captures despondency with a glimmer of anticipation for better days ahead, and a determination to cling to the idea of brighter skies tomorrow.

…to me the record perfectly captures self-reflection and hopefulness while in the midst of a dark season. There’s a beautiful conflict of hope and defeat throughout the album that resonated with me deeply during the start of the pandemic.

Jeffery Mudgett, Sunsleeper

A song that simultaneously delivers hope, embodies grief, personifies loneliness and is a torchlight for the lost, Come Back to Earth is proving its ubiquity and timelessness as Sunsleeper redefine its magnificence.

Listen to Sunsleeper‘s rendition of Come Back to Earth below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo