Honey is the kind of song that you want to soak up on repeat. It’s full of warning signs, heavy self-reflection, and unshackling from fear of the unknown. Musically, it matches the journey. Gentle intensity is only the warm up for a song that triggers a spark of an unexpected energy before stripping right back to its rawness once again. Camp 8 (a.k.a. Reuben Apirana) has captured our heart and soul in a song that stunningly showcases heartache and the unanticipated gratification of change.

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Described as ‘equal parts hopeful and heartsick‘, Honey is a track that takes you on two separate journeys. It starts with the kind of intense and intimate performance that draws you in by your soul and sticks to your bones (think the likes of Fionn Regan’s Dogwood Blossom, or any footage whatsoever of Damien Rice performing at little hole-in-the-wall wine bars). After a minute of this serenade, a surprising beat kicks off to create a lo-fi nod to house while Camp 8‘s vocals continue to slink through your speakers.

New Zealand-born and Melbourne-based, Camp 8 (a.k.a Reuben Apirana) has the kind of voice that could keep you warmer than a roaring fire in the middle of winter, much like David Le’aupepe with just a hint of a Chris Martin-esque lightness. His vocals are gripping and deep, yet gentle and deliberate. Every breath is carefully placed and his words blend into each other in all the right places. The juxtaposition of this track, as it opens with tranquillity, skips into a reverberating beat, and then slides back out tenderly, is completely mesmerising. The third piece of that puzzle has the effect of making you want to cry without fully understanding why. Listening on repeat, you begin to notice the contrast between the intro and outro, discovering that the track isn’t quite the mirror image of emotion that is first experienced (much like the shift that occurs in the course of a breakup, where you find yourself whole again, but undoubtedly changed).

Honey is my attempt at an upbeat track. I wanted it to replicate the headspace I was in when I wrote it. The song is about all the things that went through my head when my now fiancé asked me to marry her and it kind of documents the progression of my brain throughout that period of my life. For me, this song is an exciting first step into something a bit brighter for Camp 8. It was the first song I wrote after the EP was finished and It felt like a really natural direction for the project to head. It’s my version of a joyous song and I hope listeners will feel that too.

Reuben Apirana

Lyrically, Honey is just as heavy as it is liberating. It somehow mourns the loss of someone, capturing the grief and the pain of moving on, while also celebrating the emancipation of letting go. It’s not the standard messaging of ‘it’s not you, it’s me’. It’s an honest appraisal of a relationship that’s fizzled out – ‘I’m failing me by failing you‘ – and realising there’s more that’s yet to rise from the ashes.

Stream Honey via Spotify or watch Camp 8‘s stunning live performance below:

Camp 8 ‘Honey’ Single Tour

Fri 28 May | Oxford Art Gallery, Sydney NSW
Thu 17 June | The Retreat Hotel, Brunswick VIC

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo