Well, if anyone has a knack for timing, it must be E for Echo. As Melbourne sinks into its first day of a new circuit-breaker lockdown, Sydney-based group E for Echo release their new single ‘Killing Time‘ – a song that is all about life in a COVID-ravaged world (and no, we promise they’re not rubbing it in). With pyjamas as the dress code, the group have also released an official video clip. But instead of the masked population taking walks to spot cuddly toys in neighbouring windows, there’s a cute-but-angry life size teddy bear tormenting them from the street.

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‘Wanna feel somebody, put your arms around me‘ – an all too familiar feeling from a time in our lives where even the human touch seemed almost impossible. It’s an unfathomable memory. Something that was so obscure, you couldn’t be faulted for not believing it even happened. But it did… and it still is in bits and pieces.

Sydney-siders, E for Echo, have tenderly tackled the concept of isolation. Alongside a bittersweet video clip that captures the unexpected joys, like getting to know your neighbours or making better friends with your own company, the track also painstakingly documents the frustration of loneliness.

The melancholy introduction to Killing Time has a slightly uplifting glow. With a ’90s tinge, the indie-folk influence in the verses taper off into a rawer rock-style chorus. Like ships in the night, the vocal lines sail past each other, interlacing and dancing together, creating a dreamy warmth. As the lyrics call out to check on a friend, they’re also a little cry out to let you know that the question needs to be asked in return. The outro, as is so beautifully depicted in the video clip, really creates the sense of expansive loneliness and a reflective, yet breaking heart.

I remember the first time I visited Jenna when lockdown eased. We didn’t hug despite not seeing each other for weeks, sat on opposite sides of the room with the windows wide open, opened a bottle of wine and wrote this song. It was a relief just to make something together in the middle of such an unsettling time.


Watch the official video (directed by Ned Henderson) or stream the track below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo