Evan Klar‘s latest track ‘Special’ is a love song wrapped up in a spectacularly tranquil and lo-fi electronic bundle. It’s a mesmerising composition with just a hint of darkness, perfectly capturing the seduction of chasing a new love without the clichéd ‘dear diary’ fantasies.

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German-Australian alt-pop artist Evan Klar has released his latest track ‘Special’, a glorious tease of what’s to come on his forthcoming EP Blissful Thinking (out June 11). Combining elements of house, pop, soul and trap, Special is an incredibly modern track that casts dancing shadows amongst a gentle and soothing melodic production.

It has the right level of emotively catchy pop, with some rhythmic similarities to Maroon 5‘s ‘Girls Like You‘ and the understated structure of Gotye‘s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’.

The combination of melodic elements creates intrigue, while the female vocals in the background lift the track to create a buoyant sparkle. The slight ambiguity of the quivering organ-like synth creates a beautiful interplay with the regimented and linear vocal track that later opens into a rolling rap flow.

Writing either buries me in the dirt or flies me to the moon, it never lands somewhere in the middle. ‘Special’ takes me to the most confusing but beautiful memory. I think it’s about how scary falling in love can be.

Evan Klar

Listen to Special or watch the Official Video, ‘filmed on an old mini DV camcorder following an inspiring watch of the Colin Firth movie Phone Booth‘, below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo