Sticky Fingers is the first hypnotically sexy release from Melbourne-based drag queen, vocalist and producer, Dirty Versachi, and it is absolutely overflowing with deliciously steamy hooks. From the refined song production to the lush visuals in the official video, their execution is spectacular – and we can’t wait to see more.

Photo credit (and cover image): Stephanie Bailly

Sticky Fingers is a tantalising song about leaving your partner at home while you go and look for love on a dance floor. It’s a little bit cheeky, but not an altogether unrealistic fantasy. It’s about the loneliness that comes from company, the physical touch of your partner that can sometimes fade away, and the desperation to lean into a little bit of excitement and validation.

The debut track from the enigmatic Dirty Versachi, a triple-threat drag queen from outer space, is a colourful celebration of queer artists and Dirty Versarchi’s own magnificent visions of creativity. Working to encourage a shift in the music industry, they are channeling their own fem, non-binary energy into creating fantastical imagery and self-expression in the hopes of creating inclusivity, healing and togetherness.

Their voice has a stunning mellow quality, similar to the likes of Sam Smith, and their lyricism is equally evocative and provocative. With a ’90s house influence alongside surreal modern pop, Sticky Fingers provides perfect escapism in a melodically tasty treat. The official video clip, a vision of silky pink walls against leather boots and smokey eyes, captures a moment where two finger tips dance towards each other. Mirroring Michaelangelo‘s painting, The Creation of Adam, it’s an incredibly clever and nuanced representation of Dirty Versachi’s own creation.

I have a very DIY attitude when it comes to my work, and I wanted this clip to feel like a weird 80s science project with an alien twist. I built a ‘pink room’ set in my house in Melbourne, and used it to inspire the narrative of the clip – I imagined that it was a womb and resembled the alien fantasy world that Dirty Versachi came from. At the same time, the video revels in its queerness; sensual and filled with sexual tension which connects back to the feeling of the song.

Dirty Versachi

Stream Sticky Fingers and watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo