Together is a song that creates vastness in an enclosed space and provides a complete body shake up in a really tight production. Pulling from his ‘love of trance, house and progressive synths‘, Perth artist Solsta has created an intense and understated track with a touch of lightness from vocalist BEXX.

Image: Kamil Szczucki

Sometimes less is more, and Perth artist Solsta has mastered that in his latest track ‘Together‘. Featuring the dreamy and unique vocals of BEXX, Together is so cleverly downplayed – an electronic sleight of hand. The entire song is a heartbeat that sinks through your speakers and into your bones, like an ultrasonic pulse.

It’s low-key enough to be unobtrusive as a background track, yet also so completely entrenched in trance that it entirely takes over in the darkness. The depth of the song is almost overwhelming. While there are some vague similarities to the likes of Röyskopp‘s ‘What Else Is There’, it’s the eerie edge and almost unsettling way the rhythm laces the track that sets it alight.

The track came together so smoothly. I instantly fell in love with the vocal effect BEXX put over the drop and her voice really complements the production. I’d have to say I’m really impressed and proud of how the vocals flow from the verse to build to chorus. The vocal swells and harmonies really work to drive the track forward and build this sense of momentum when paired with the various synths and other instruments I used. The track just constantly moves and pushes forward in such a gorgeous, lush way.

Single Artwork: Elijah Zakharov

Stream Together below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo