Premiering today on LIKE VELVET Music is the animated lyric video for Tim Hart‘s ‘Turn To Salt‘. Lifted from Winning Hand, the third solo album from the Boy & Bear musician, the track and video are inspired by a stroll down the streets of Venice as the sun goes down. A song that is both lyrically wise and melodically entrancing, Turn To Salt creates a sense of escapism and a determination to trust in the process without dwelling on the past.

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If you’re lucky enough to have ever been to Venice, you’ll be familiar with its intoxicating atmosphere of beauty and ease. It’s an endless maze promising adventure at every turn – from narrow stone streets with buildings that seem to tower over you, to open squares full of miraculous buildings that provide an infamous haven for its birds. It promises romance and intrigue as the bustle of Europe’s late-night diners, dimly lit bars, and stunning canals create a completely unique experience.

Inspired by that immersive sense of contentment, Tim Hart today releases an animated lyric video for Turn To Salt. Lifted from his third studio album Winning Hand, an album that ‘feels part travel book, part private diary‘, Turn To Salt is a personal journey of reflection. Like taking faith in the pace of life, the staccato of the acoustic guitar underpinning the entire track continuously moves you forward through time, never faltering at a misstep or pausing for a moment’s hesitation. The harmonies in the chorus create an enchanting glow, like a setting sun shimmering across the rippling water as gondolier paddles into the distance.

The lyric video, premiering on LIKE VELVET Music today, is representative of that sense of calm and constant movement. It has a stop-and-smell-the-roses sentiment, as a cartoon Tim Hart guides his gondola along the water from dusk til dawn, reveling in the simplicity of the little things in life and enjoying the unexpected journey. The restraint of the video offers room for the vivid imagery that accompanies the track – the expansive waves of light and shadow, the clink of a wine glass at a candlelit bar, and the salty cold breeze rocking docked boats along the street.

I wrote Turn to Salt while on tour in Europe. We had a night off in Venice and I was wandering through the streets and canals just as the sun was going down. The water was the colour of silver. It was cold. People were coming in and out of bars and restaurants and I was immersed in the feel of the place and it felt easy and right. So I wrote this song essentially about feeling free and knowing that you’re in the right place whether that be in the context of love, life or lifestyle.

Tim Hart
Winning Hand: Artwork by Bianca Braithwaite

Watch the lyric video for Turn To Salt below:

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