TRACK: The Children – Anna Cordell

Anna Cordell is going to hold an extra special place in the hearts of ’80s and ’90s kids. She has a stunning command over the best of indie-folk and ’90s rock, while equally capturing the creeping influence of the ’60s and ’70s. Listening to ‘The Children’ is like plummeting into a decades-long time warp, with each moment bringing a new blast of nostalgia and the desire to sink into a pile of records for hours on end.

TRACK: Wonder – Yung Bae ft. Channel Tres

‘Wonder’ is the latest release from American future-funk producer Yung Bae that forcibly demands your attention in all the right ways. Amidst a sonic waterfall of magic, and a bit of that signature James Bond-style soundtrack intensity, Wonder is absolutely glowing. Throw in the infatuating vocals of Californian rapper Channel Tres, and you’ve got an orgasmic whirlwind of chunky beats that is undeniably lustrous.