TRACK: Swimming Pool – Square Dance Caller

Victorian duo Square Dance Caller (a.k.a brothers Mick and Brendan Etherington) have taken a heightened rock approach to their debut track ‘Swimming Pool’. It’s a refined production full of uncomplicated elements, drawing on both classic songs and modern indie rock influences. The result is an unforgettable tune that’s a little bit dreamy, a little bit dark, and a whole lotta dirty.

TRACK: Suffer and Swim – Sampology ft. Allysha Joy

‘Suffer and Swim’ is based around a Latin-style groove with vibrant jazz influences. Evoking the warmth of the setting sun and the ambience of the late afternoon light, the Cafe del Mar vibe of Sampology’s latest track puts you straight into vacation mode. Featuring the effortlessly breezy vocals of Allysha Joy and guitar work of Beau Diako, Suffer and Swim is a poised production that incites easy movement and laid-back bliss.