Sydney-based post-hardcore group Isotopes recently released their latest track ‘WYWFM‘. The modern-emo track is full of heavy-hitting melodies and bright pop-punk vocals, harking back to the best of the noughties’ heavy power ballads while also sweetly capturing the tender moments too. We had a chat with drummer Hamish Gibson about his Top 5 Self-Care Tips to get you through the tough times.

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WYWFM‘, produced by Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, Between You and Me) and mixed by James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Underoath), is an emotive track that boasts energetic riffs, thrashing drums and bold vocals. It’s the kind of song that tells you how to feel without you even needing to hear the lyrics. The track is a powerful collision of conflicting emotions that deafeningly commands your attention before sinking into a stripped back piano line in the outtro – perfectly marrying angst and stunning introspection. As the song declares it’s time to put yourself first, we had a chat with drummer Hamish Gibson on his top 5 self care tips.

‘WYWFM’ is about realising the path of chasing love always leads to heartbreak, so for the first time you’re putting love aside and somewhat asking that it waits for you whilst you choose yourself. The concept of the video is about lust/love/temptation. A game of cat and mouse accompanying these feelings. Finding that once you obtain all of these feelings that you’ve ever so been craving, it disappears; you’re calm, you’re alone. So, was it ever really there?

Justin Miller, frontman

Top 5 Self-Care Tips for the Tough Times by Isotopes drummer Hamish Gibson

1. Schedules and planning. 

One of the best things I have found personally to help when I get a bit overwhelmed or flustered is to create a schedule or daily planner to help get through those tough times and stay on top of everything, while also allowing some down time in there to keep those stress levels down. Everyone loves routine, especially me! It’s a sense of comfort with knowing what to expect day in and day out. This is why creating a daily planner or schedule helps me in knowing what’s coming my way and helps keep my brains focused on what the day is looking like. It’s important to know not to go too overboard with this and to start with a schedule that isn’t packed out with heaps of things. For example, start off with simple things like making your bed, eating breakfast or going for a run. It’s all about those little wins to achieve the overall goals.

2. Allow yourself to have “you days” 

It seems so simple right? Having those days just to yourself, recharging the batteries and getting some downtime before the next couple of days hit. This is something we can all forget to do every once in a while, though and can be super difficult when life is hitting you hard. The best way I have found to do this is to schedule it into the calendar. Make a day every now and again where you actually take the day for you. Have that Netflix day, go for that hike or have that trip to the movies.  We live in a world now where self-care is vital to the individual’s mental health and it’s okay to make that a priority. I know I do, that’s for sure! 

3. Fitness

Time to get those gains, squad! For real though, fitness is one of those things that is so good for you. Not only physically but also mentally! It’s kind of hard to explain how well any sort of fitness can be for your mind. It releases those good endorphins that helps us stay motivated and feel that sense of achievement. It’s important to remember fitness isn’t about comparing yourself to others, as long as you’re out there trying your best and doing things for you in terms of fitness, you’re already winning. 

4. Acceptance 

Now, this is one that many of us struggle to do, including myself from time to time, but that is acceptance. Allowing yourself to have those bad days and knowing that it’s okay. Unfortunately, things don’t go to plan from time to time. You feel so gutted and out for the count, but it’s allowing yourself to accept what has happened and move on from these moments that actually lets us find inner peace and move forward. We are wanting to be working forwards, not backwards. A good example of this is when COVID hit last year. For myself especially, it was supposed to be the year that everything was happening for the band with 3 international tours lined up, but unfortunately COVID put a halt to that. I was upset and down in the dumps for a bit, but after accepting that I couldn’t change the situation or do anything about it, I decided to try and turn that into a positive outlook by focusing on what I could control which was getting back into the studio and writing some more songs. ‘WYWFM’ is actually one of those songs that was written during the COVID isolation period. Remember it’s okay to have a bad day. It happens, and good days are always ahead!!

5. Meditation

Never underestimate the power of meditation, my friends! Meditation is one of those tools you can use to get yourself ready for the day or to wind down after a massive day at the office. It kind of lets you slow down in a way and gives you a lot of clarity. One of my favourite things to do is the leaves-down-a-stream meditation exercise. Basically, this one is all about acknowledging your thoughts that you’re having whether they are happy or sad. This helps us notice them but not to be stuck with those thoughts so we can stay in the present moment, mindfulness would be the technical term for that. 

These 5 tips have helped me all personally through tough times and has allowed me to keep doing what I love which is playing drums, writing music and performing. 

Stream WYWFM and watch the official video below:

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