Crossing into the realm of baroque-pop, the dark and moody debut track from Victorian singer/songwriter Tia Tamora has allowed her to quickly assert her grasp on her own brand of ‘Australian Gothic’. ‘Picnic‘ immediately throws the listener off guard, as maniacally laughing birds intertwine with a haunted kind of merry-go-round tune. We invite you to get to know Tia Tamora a little more as she tells us about her dream dinner party and the trends she wishes never went out of style.

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Opening with the sounds of Kookaburra’s laughing while footsteps crunch over dry leaves on the ground, the melody in ‘Picnic‘ dances in like an antique music box or carnival ride. Tia Tamora‘s voice has a penetrating depth with huge presence, much like Lana Del Rey‘s, despite the sense that she’s barely moving her lips as she sings. There’s something incredibly haunting about the whole composition, much like the Picnic at Hanging Rock imagery that comes to mind. She has harnessed her light against the dark, and an eerie past against a thunderous modern future, to create an edgy and tempestuous track.

It’s the darkness of this song that is particularly enticing. It creates the heart-racing danger of trailing through a haunted house. It evokes the grimness of an overcast day. It unsettles your sense of safety, as Tamora coolly delivers the line ‘…and if you aren’t invited get fucked‘.

Writing Picnic was really exciting because I’d just evolved into a new direction musically and lyrically. I very much connected with the story of Picnic at Hanging Rock and wanted to express my own interpretation of its themes. Wanting it to sound slightly delirious, lost and off-kilter. The verses paint a picture of where the story is set and as the song continues, the lyrics embody the feeling of recognising something larger than life developing among us.

Tia Tamora

So what makes Tia Tamora tick? Read on as we discuss her favourite trends and her ultimate dinner party.

So, you’re hosting the dinner party to end all dinner parties. What celebrities or musicians, living or dead, do you invite?

I’d host a dinner party inviting Elvis, Mozart, John Keats, Sylvia Plath and Sharon Tate. I’m nostalgic AF. Elvis discussing rock n roll with Mozart, I mean… c’mon. John and Sylvia disputing the romantic vs the realist, I’m torn between whose side I’m rooting for considering I am both these people. LOL. Then we have sweet angel Sharon Tate who I’d be fangirling over the iconic look she’s serving to the party.

Sharon Tate has remained an icon whose style has stood the test of time – what other things do you wish never went out of fashion?

– Attending balls. Someone explain to me why we don’t do these anymore.

– 60s/70s fashion. I am a vintage shopaholic, I ain’t sorry.

– Getting your portrait painted. Having guests over and inviting them in through the hallway just to have a large, gothic painting of yourself sporting the grimmest of expressions hanging on the wall watching their every move.

– Drive-in movies, only 2 left in Victoria is a sad state.

– Gothic architecture! When did we stop putting in the work for these enchanting designs. Where’s my castle at?

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo