Kings of electronic dance, Tijuana Cartel, recently released their ‘mind-altering‘ record ‘Acid Pony‘ – a series of seven eclectic tracks that soar across the globe and dive into a myriad of genres. The first track alone delivers everything from didgeridoos, African drum beats, Spanish guitar and Ravi Shankar-inspired sitar, against big modern beats – and that’s just the beginning. With the record providing a mixture of perfect background ambience and bold dance-floor intensity, we asked band member Paul George about his top 5 ambient tunes.

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Acid Pony‘ is a stunning display of musicianship from Gold Coast-based trio, Tijuana Cartel, as they emphatically declare their hold over ambient, guitar-driven indie music. It seems underwhelming to reduce their sound to a genre, as they so cleverly pull from a myriad of cultural references to craft their spectacular sonic soundscapes. The seven tracks on this record each boast intricacy and virtuosity, with only some tracks, like ‘Over and Over‘ lending a lyrical addition.

The semi-psychedelic album is an adventurous collection. Tracks such as ‘Ishkur‘ are thick and bassy, with an unmistakable reference point of a call to a prayer. Others like ‘Strandzha‘ are based around mantras and chants while ‘Tommy Franklin‘ sparkles with a different kind of lightness, playing into the hands of more contemporary pop music. The final song on the album, ‘Middle Something‘ has a hypnotic Southern American influence with the sensuality of salsa and frenzied rhythms that inspire movement.

Before we dive into Paul George’s top 5 ambient tunes, stream the exotic collection of tracks from ‘Acid Pony‘ below:

Top 5 Ambient Tunes from Tijuana Cartels’ Paul George

I’ve been thriving on obscure ambient music for the last year or so. Usually, the lower the hits on Spotify the more I like the tune; here’s my Top 5: 

‘Incomplete’ – Soil

This is the sound of something in-between thought. I’m pretty sure there’d be a German word for it. The video clip is a black and white of a 7-11 type store with a flickering light, and somehow that says it all. It is both eerie and beautiful. Doesn’t seem to be on Spotify, so here’s a YouTube link for you quirky kids. 

‘Apogean Tide’ – Hilyard

Kind of sounds like the ocean, kind of sounds like sitting under a 747 about to take off. It’s guaranteed to make you wonder what you were thinking. Recommendation would be put it in your headphones next time you’re in a line at the bank and watch the walls change.

‘Light House’ – Hokobune 

OK, if you’ve made it this far you may be stuck in an ambient vortex that is only going to suck you into its warm womb like a little lamb into Buddhas fat belly. It sounds like an epiphany you’re about to have, or possible a sneeze you feel churning up your lungs.

‘Light Splitting’ – Hainbach

As far as the current ambient scene nearly exists. Hainbach is a bit of a celebrity, his YouTube channel is full of interesting sound experiments and tutorials. Using everything from old soviet tape recorders to random feedback loops. His production kind of shines above most of the stuff out there, so check it out

‘The Delian Mode’ – Delia Derbyshire

Delia is kind of famous for the Dr Who Theme, her ambient and noise induced genius is truly worth checking out. Here’s a link to a pretty interesting doc on here. It’s also kind of ambient in its own BBC kind of way.

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