Earlier this month, Brisbane singer/songwriter Tiarne unveiled her latest dreamy track, ‘Flora’. A song about ‘understanding how trauma has ultimately affected the way a person handles their relationships‘, the delicate and minimalist track is a haunting, beautiful and honest piece of music. We spoke with Tiarne about her songwriting, what it’s like to bear her soul through music, and her dream dinner party.

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LIKE VELVET Music: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Firstly, can you please tell us a bit about you?

Tiarne: My name is Tiarne! I’m a singer/songwriter based in Brisbane from the Gold Coast originally. I’d say my genre is a blend of alternative/pop/folk. It’s a real mix! 

Flora is a personal track about understanding the experiences of a loved one. How do you go about writing a piece of music about someone you know? What about when it comes to its release?

When I’m writing about another person’s life experiences, I try to put myself in their shoes. I’m a very observant person, I think all songwriters are, so you’re always looking for those small details in a story that play a major part in the emotion of the situation. When it comes to releasing, I usually let them figure it out for themselves, and most of the time they come to me and go wow! You really articulated that moment or feeling. This has happened a couple of times with songs I’ve written! 

You’ve mentioned you were inspired by ‘Fallingwater’ by Maggie Rogers when writing Flora – what was it about that track that inspired you? 

I love how the ending of that song was so unexpected and felt like a different song overall but still really complimented the emotion of the track. I love pop-oriented songs that have interesting instrumentation arrangements and build-ups in the end. It wasn’t something I did on purpose, but when I wrote that end part the same night I thought oh! What if I add that to this section of a song I’ve already written? It reminded me of “Falling Water” in the end. 

Sharing a photo of the night you wrote Flora, you were sitting on a couch with guitar in hand – what does your songwriting process usually involve? 

Each song is so different! That night I was actually just hanging out with my boyfriend and I started playing the verse chords and thought, oh this is eerie. From there I opened an Ableton session and wrote the entire instrumentation then I started working on melodies and lyrics! I wrote the whole song in one night.

Your style is so beautifully ambient – how did you define your signature sound? Who were your biggest influences?

Aw wow! Thank you! Honestly, I try not to take too much inspiration from one artist. I listen to a variety of different genres and when I’m writing I try not to judge anything I do until I’ve finished the song. I think just diving into each song with no expectations and letting it all happen organically, you start to form your own signature sound. Personally though, I am always drawn to ambient artists with eerie soundscapes, so I like to write music that I know I would enjoy listening to. 

Speaking of influences, if you were hosting the dinner party to end all dinner parties, who are your top 5 guests?

I love this question! Okay this is difficult and an odd combination but I’d say Taylor Swift, Paul Kelly, Amy Winehouse, Hayley Williams and The National (If I could add any +1’s it’d be Phoebe Bridgers, Lorde, Arcade Fire and The Lumineers!). 

You have a tender touch when writing about your first-hand experiences, where else do you look for lyrical inspiration?

I try to think about all the small details of a story. I like how artists like Julia Jacklin, Lana Del Rey, Alexander Biggs and Phoebe Bridgers write their lyrics. It’s very honest and analytical. It’s almost like a stream of consciousness and I resonate a lot with that style of writing. 

What’s it like pouring your soul into something for the public to consume? What has the journey of releasing music involved for you?

I love sharing stories! It’s honestly a bit like therapy! Releasing the track is a way of me acknowledging those emotions and allowing myself to move on by letting go of the track. It’s really lovely hearing how people interpret and relate in their own way to my lyrics. 

What would be your advice to an emerging artist who might be holding themselves back?

Just write! It’s so easy to say, but even if you feel it isn’t good enough, allowing yourself to write a track judge-free is the perfect way to really shape your artistry and craft your signature sound. 

Finally, when the pandemic settles down, where is your dream destination for playing a live show?

To be honest, my dream venue is actually Brisbane’s Riverstage. I’m a real homebody! 

Stream Flora below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo