RELEASE: Rebecca Black Was Here

‘Rebecca Black Was Here’ marks the triumphant return of one the most recognised pop culture figures of the past decade. Since her debut at the age of thirteen back in 2011, Rebecca Black has travelled a long and winding road to get to where she is today. Taking back control of her own narrative and redefining her space, the singer/songwriter/queer creator, has launched a vivid and sonically diverse six-track project that shows remarkable musical growth and an exciting future.

TRACK: Good Mood – Abby Fuller

Sydney singer Abby Fuller has released a funky shower of sunshine in her latest track, ‘Good Mood’. It’s a lively song with a simple message – use the good times to recharge so that you can shine your light through the dark times too. With an R&B/chunky funk crossover that absolutely pops and a rolling chorus that forms one juicy hook, Good Mood lingers long after it has ended.

TRACK: Swimming Pool – Square Dance Caller

Victorian duo Square Dance Caller (a.k.a brothers Mick and Brendan Etherington) have taken a heightened rock approach to their debut track ‘Swimming Pool’. It’s a refined production full of uncomplicated elements, drawing on both classic songs and modern indie rock influences. The result is an unforgettable tune that’s a little bit dreamy, a little bit dark, and a whole lotta dirty.

TRACK: Suffer and Swim – Sampology ft. Allysha Joy

‘Suffer and Swim’ is based around a Latin-style groove with vibrant jazz influences. Evoking the warmth of the setting sun and the ambience of the late afternoon light, the Cafe del Mar vibe of Sampology’s latest track puts you straight into vacation mode. Featuring the effortlessly breezy vocals of Allysha Joy and guitar work of Beau Diako, Suffer and Swim is a poised production that incites easy movement and laid-back bliss.

TRACK: The Children – Anna Cordell

Anna Cordell is going to hold an extra special place in the hearts of ’80s and ’90s kids. She has a stunning command over the best of indie-folk and ’90s rock, while equally capturing the creeping influence of the ’60s and ’70s. Listening to ‘The Children’ is like plummeting into a decades-long time warp, with each moment bringing a new blast of nostalgia and the desire to sink into a pile of records for hours on end.

TRACK: Wonder – Yung Bae ft. Channel Tres

‘Wonder’ is the latest release from American future-funk producer Yung Bae that forcibly demands your attention in all the right ways. Amidst a sonic waterfall of magic, and a bit of that signature James Bond-style soundtrack intensity, Wonder is absolutely glowing. Throw in the infatuating vocals of Californian rapper Channel Tres, and you’ve got an orgasmic whirlwind of chunky beats that is undeniably lustrous.

TRACK: Drama – Chelsea Warner

Chelsea Warner’s latest release has enthralled many listeners since its release last week. ‘Drama’ – a glowing, late-night, moody R&B track – is seductive, bold and beautiful. With her own blend of alt-pop and R&B, Chelsea Warner is offering honest, guilt-free insights into a young and free temperament. She unashamedly celebrates her fire, admits to her boredom and acknowledges the thrill of attention.


Toothbrush, the latest single from Saint Lane, is fresh and uncomplicated. The kind of tune you’d love to sit on a turntable and spin on repeat. The song is a calm look back at a relationship that hasn’t worked out. It captures the mundane spiral of being stuck in a rut, while paying due respect to that little hint of magic that once existed. It’s rhythmically and melodically easy going, and largely thanks to Saint Lane’s poetic finesse, it leaves you feeling lighter for having heard it.

TRACK: Paint – Voye, Matilda Duncan

Townsville indie-folk artist Voye has released a colourful and delicate track, all the more enhanced by the harmonies of Matilda Duncan. With gentle finger picking that dances alongside the strum of an electric guitar and a chorus that escalates and showers down a deluge of emotion, Paint is a timeless track that will always lend itself to an emotional escape.

TRACK: Drowning Purple – Winifred

Alt-pop artist Winifred is blinding us in colour. Through a deliciously purple lens, her latest track is a booming, full-bodied, cinematic haze of excitement and drama. ‘Drowning Purple’, and the accompanying video, showcasing Winifred’s love of rhythm and contemporary dance, is a charismatic and enticing blend of electrifying production and spellbinding depth.