Ethereal Tasmanian singer/songwriter Nuria has created a stirring and vivid composition in her latest track ‘Closer‘ which is premiering exclusively on LIKE VELVET Music today. Continuing to evoke a sense of fantasy against soul piercing beauty, Nuria’s heavenly songwriting is becoming bolder and thunderously spectacular.

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Nuria (a.k.a Anna Maynard) has followed up her previous single Juliette with a cascading waterfall of lush vocals and dramatic strings. ‘Closer’ is a stunning ballad that showcases Nuria’s ability to take her classical vocal and piano training and elevate it for modern delivery. The heartbeat of the track thrives with pulsating intensity, and the dreamy, glowing vocals make this song easily eligible for arenas or dance floor remixes.

The name Nuria comes from Maynard’s childhood and means ‘Fire of the Lord‘ – a name befitting the Celtic style of anthemic indie pop that Nuria is fast becoming known for. Once upon a time Enya stood starkly in contrast to her fellow music makers, and few have come close to emulating the celestial, dreamy and melodic soundscapes that she is so celebrated for. Nuria has not only met the bar that Enya set, but has raised it with the introduction of bold and cinematic passion. It’s once again hard not to note the comparison to Woodes, this time through the song’s rhythmic patterns and Nuria’s lyrical enunciation.

‘Closer’ looks at those primal adolescent feelings of first love and desire. I remember that time – feeling completely overcome by these crazy emotions. No longer a teenager myself, I see girls during that time and I find myself intimidated by their intensity. It’s such a wild time that will always fascinate me.


Capturing young love in a stunning artistic display, Nuria has continued to create heart-racing, impassioned compositions that leave a sparkling glow in their wake.

Stream the premiere of Closer below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo