Rebecca Black Was Here’ marks the triumphant return of one the most recognised pop culture figures of the past decade. Since her debut at the age of thirteen back in 2011, Rebecca Black has travelled a long and winding road to get to where she is today. Taking back control of her own narrative and redefining her space, the singer/songwriter/queer creator, has launched a vivid and sonically diverse six-track project that shows remarkable musical growth and an exciting future.

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Rebecca Black rose to fame on the back of a pop culture classic – Friday. The then 13-year-old caught a wild ride on a wave of insurmountable internet infamy, becoming the centre of many a pop culture joke. Well, Black has grown up – and it’s about time we let her (yet even at the time of writing, her 13-year-old face is symbolic in the press in relation to the new NSW government TGIF vouchers… Well, once a pop culture heroine, always a pop culture heroine).

In her latest release, ‘Rebecca Black Was Here‘, Black has redefined her musicianship. In six tracks, Black has showcased her own brand of future-pop that blends hyperpop, queer bubblegum pop anthems and atmospheric electropop to create an evocative audio adventure.

What we love the most about this release is that it’s not a self-defiant, in-your-face return. Black isn’t on the attack, and she certainly hasn’t backed herself into playing the defensive role. She’s just here reclaiming her space on her own terms. A stand out on the release is ‘Worth It For The Feeling‘, a swaying track full of warm reverb and ambient sonic elements that says accepting a bad decision is okay… as long as the decision itself was hers. ‘Girlfriend‘ is a spirited pop track with a strong beat and sweet dedication to love.

NGL‘ is grittier song that moves into the hyperpop sphere with the short and sharp sonic bursts and jagged slashing metallic synths. ‘Blue‘, another emotive stand out, is a soft and gentle serenade set against a dark and moody booming backdrop. The swirling, passionate intensity of the track, coupled with lines like ‘if the only way to save us means I’m losing you‘, creates a solemn reflection on the light going out on love.

I have spent the past 10 years constantly questioning myself and asking myself if I was really able to ever overcome my own insecurities. Now looking at this project completely finished, I couldn’t be more proud of what I have been able to create with some of the most talented and kind team I’ve known. Truth is, I couldn’t have made this project without having experienced what I have in my past, and I am finally able to celebrate that for myself.

Rebecca Black

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo