With so much new music and so little time, we’ve decided to put together a playlist of some of the best releases from the past week. Featuring a series of mini reviews, we’re offering a little deep dive into some new music, all in one place. Take some time for yourself this weekend with LIKE VELVET Music’s Weekly Rewind Playlist. This week, we’re featuring Bootleg Rascal, Liyah Knight, ekkstacy, Robert DeLong, SILT, Witching Hour and Catherine Aria.

All About You – Bootleg Rascal ft. Saint Lane

Bootleg Rascal are back with another track oozing with reverb-laden riffs and easy-going lyricism. Featuring the distinctive vocal stylings of Saint Lane, ‘All About You‘ is another rich sonic production full of glistening elements. With understated piano chords that pierce the swaying melody, a dominant bassline, and the prominent twang of a guitar string, ‘All About You’ is another rolling, masterful production from the pair. Frontman Carlos Lara says ‘the song itself is about love in the modern era, and how technology plays an integral role into shaping our behaviours and the way we interact with one another.

f*ck everything – ekkstacy ft. The Drums

Nineteen-year-old Vancouver artist ekkstacy has unveiled his dark and melodious track ‘f*ck everything‘, released as part of Spotify’s Fresh Finds program. The song combines the chilled out vibe of surf rock and the gritty darkness of post-punk. Produced by Johnny Pierce of The Drums, the song showcases a little bit of noughties pop-punk heartbreak that shines through the cracks of a beautiful piece of music. Pierce says of the track, ‘we wanted to write a track that was brutal when it came to the lyrics, and gorgeous when it came to the music. It’s my favorite combination, dancing in a stark reality. Instead of getting lost in my dancing, I want to dance in my lostness.

Did it To Myself – Robert DeLong ft. Lights

Did it To Myself‘ (released via Glasshouse Records) is a funky track that combines really sticky grooves against a vibrantly bouncy beat. Robert DeLong (sometimes referred to as a ‘one man pop band‘) is positioning himself alongside the likes of Mark Ronson, as he continues to lay down delicious tracks with stellar collaborators. ‘Did it To Myself’ includes the bright vocals of Canada’s Lights, who adds her powerful voice to an already lively production. DeLong describes the track as ‘… a song, first and foremost, about the inevitable breakup and infidelity fantasies that arise in most long-term relationships, and how those thoughts can infect and poison every interaction with your partner.‘ With influences from dub and dub-techno and the inspired introduction of a horn section (recorded by Matt Appleton of Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger!) this track doesn’t miss a beat.

Moon Baby – Liyah Knight

‘Moon Baby’ (released via The Orchard) is an absolutely divine track full of slow dripping honeyed vocals. Sydney-based Liyah Knight wrote ‘Moon Baby’ alongside Australian singer/songwriter Diesel, and describes the track as being about ‘meeting someone, loving someone, the euphoria, the excitement, the giddiness. ‘Moon Baby’ is the early stages of allowing someone to be the epicentre of your mind and heart.’ There’s almost a desperate, loving plead to Knight’s vocals in the chorus, showcasing a head-over-heels kind of infatuation. The rest of the track showcases sensual and swaying lyrics that keep an air of seductive mystery.

Queen of Wands – Witching Hour

Melbourne’s Witching Hour (a.k.a Claire Quartz) has released her latest track alongside an announcement of her upcoming EP ‘Book of Shadows‘ (due for release on 30 July). ‘Queen of Wands‘ is a pop-punk infused power anthem full of distorted guitar, piercing vocals and an infectious energy. Speaking on the track, Quartz says that ‘Queen of Wands’ was inspired by the liberation of finally letting go of needing to find the perfect mate, and ‘distills the precious, potent magic that comes from finally choosing yourself‘. The influence of Hayley William’s vocals (Paramore) in Quartz’s own singing style kicks up the nostalgia in the track, while also inciting heart-racing excitement.

Photo featured in carousel by Giulia McGauran

I Always Need A Break – SILT

Melbourne-based alt-pop trio SILT have unveiled a moody, earthy track that showcases the beautifully brooding vocals of lead singer Jess Polain. The track follows a deliberate and intricate rhythmic pattern while alternating between percussive moments and fluidly floating melodies. Polain says of the track, ‘Some people just have a way of making you feel small and quiet. When I find myself lost for words when it comes to expressing or standing up for myself in the moment, there is always a level of discontentment and frustration right under the surface. So this song is really cathartic in that way!

Out of Control – Catherine Aria

Canadian singer/songwriter Catherine Aria, who caught the world’s attention as a finalist in Tones and I‘s lockdown competition ‘That One Song‘, has released her latest track ‘Out of Control’. Opening with the eerie and compelling sounds of a dreamy church choir, the harmonisation throughout the entire track is captivating. Aria’s delicate vocals sparkle like the sun shimmering against a mirror, and give the air of fragility. Aria says ‘to share your vulnerability is to show your strength‘, and her latest song is a glowing example of the power that comes from sharing your truth.

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo