Spanish-born and Sydney-based, ANGE is crafting her neo-soul style with emotive pop and sparkling synths. Her latest track, ‘Antidote‘ is an ode to unrequited love and is steeped in a slow and sensual glow. Effortlessly moving between Spanish and English, the romance of the Latin language only bolsters the mystique and flirtatiousness of the song to create a weightless, dreamy composition.

Image credit (including cover image): Megan J Donnelly

ANGE‘s voice is so crisp and sweet, and the way she bounces through the chorus of her latest track ‘Antidote’ is reminiscent of Kylie Minogue (the ‘Chocolate‘ era in particular). The bilingual lyricism in the track adds a mysteriousness, like creating two sides of a story and showcasing the attempt to untangle the language of love. With an underlying hip hop beat and strong R&B influences, the track is butter soft and sensuously silky. The arpeggiated chords that guide the track create the spiraling sensation of repetitive thoughts swirling through your mind.

Sometimes we try to convince ourselves that something is meant for us when it’s not. Antidote talks about how it’s not worth investing time and energy in something that isn’t reciprocated.


The track came about as a collaboration between ANGE and sublime New Zealand songwriter and producer Tama Hemara (a.k.a Innusta), and shows their shared influences of Galimatias, KLRX and Koan Sound.

Stream Antidote below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo