LUMP, the project of Laura Marling and Mark Lindsay (Tunng), offers an exciting, spontaneous and entirely different sound to anything we’ve heard from these artists in the past. As Marling puts it, LUMP is ‘the repository for so many things that I’ve had in my mind and just don’t fit anywhere in that way‘. Taking a mixture of lyricism that’s based on psychoanalysis and an electronic palette that teeters on the edge of psychedelic, the pair’s latest track ‘Climb Every Wall‘ is sparking this new creative venture with verbal and melodic intrigue.

Image: Steph Wilson

There’s something so enigmatic about the entire composition of ‘Climb Every Wall‘. Laura Marling‘s unique enunciation adds to the mystique of her storytelling. The chorus boasts an elongated ‘Climb every...’ which momentarily makes you think you’re being led down a path to hear The Sound of Music. But just as quickly as familiarity comes rushing in, obscurity arrives again to push it out. The bassline is the undemanding compass of the song, an element created with deliberate intent. As described by Mark Lindsay, ‘I spent hours trying to find a bassline that would work. It was a real headache. Then when I got it, I just loved it and I made my girlfriend come downstairs and dance in the room for about an hour.

Taking from the topic of communist control vs. ideology, the dejection that laces the track grapples with a desire to push against boundaries.

I’d watched a film called ‘The Perverts Guide to Ideology’ about how ideology is woven into Hollywood cinema, and there was a bit about how in Communist countries they cut out the song “Climb Every Mountain” from the ‘Sound of Music’ because it’s too much of a personal, individualistic ideology, so that’s where I got the title.

Laura Marling

LUMP‘s upcoming LP ‘Animal‘ is out on 30 July via Chrysalis/Partisan Records. Stream Climb Every Wall and watch the Official Video (directed, shot and edited by Mora Laming and Tamsin Topolski) below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo