Chelsea Warner‘s latest release has enthralled many listeners since its release last week. ‘Drama’ – a glowing, late-night, moody R&B track – is seductive, bold and beautiful. With her own blend of alt-pop and R&B, Chelsea Warner is offering honest, guilt-free insights into a young and free temperament. She unashamedly celebrates her fire, admits to her boredom and acknowledges the thrill of attention.

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Opening with warped tones and a muted voice, the thick bass that slides through in Drama is completely seductive. Like hearing murmured conversations in a dimly lit bar, the head-under-water echo and little honeyed sonic elements set the ambience for the whole song. The boom and depth of the bass line has a presence that can completely penetrate your body and Chelsea Warner‘s vocals are the intoxicating shimmer on top.

As described by Warner, Drama is a track that ‘harnesses feminine energy and brings together mellow instrumentation with high emotion‘. Documenting the seemingly endless spirals that come from navigating young adulthood, Drama is equal parts sassy, confident and sexy.

‘Drama’ was written about a side of myself that I don’t like; one that craves attention and loves tension. Written in the haze of adolescence, it’s an ode to the stereotype of the dramatic teenage girl and how it makes young women feel about their own emotions.

Chelsea Warner

Despite documenting a side of herself that she’s been less enthused by, Warner has managed to capture the experience as if it were written about the here and now. The song laughs at the ridiculous things that happen while we’re young, but it’s like she’s laughing in real time (something that most of couldn’t do without the benefit of hindsight).

Stream Drama and watch the Official Video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo