Alt-pop artist Winifred is blinding us in colour. Through a deliciously purple lens, her latest track is a booming, full-bodied, cinematic haze of excitement and drama. ‘Drowning Purple‘, and the accompanying video, showcasing Winifred’s love of rhythm and contemporary dance, is a charismatic and enticing blend of electrifying production and spellbinding depth.

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Melbourne-based artist Winifred has released her latest dose of eccentric pop. ‘Drowning Purple’ has that ground-shaking, arena-worthy expansiveness. The warped synths that open the track move with the forced intensity of a record playing backwards. As the synths get deeper and darker, Winifred’s vocals shine brighter with a unique diction that’s a little Stacie Orrico-esque. The contrast is intoxicating and becomes a fully-immersive experience.

When I wrote Drowning Purple, I put two words together that sparked a visualisation and a mood. ‘Drowning’ and ‘Purple’, for some reason those two words seemed to hit on a feeling and so I delved into it. I think Drowning Purple has melodramatic qualities, ie, ’I’m Drowning Purple for you, can you hear me calling your name’  but I also feel there’s a strong sense of romance as the song develops, not necessarily reflecting real life, maybe more of a fantasy or a daydream.


Stream Drowning Purple and watch the music video below: