F.U.A’, the latest track from the incredibly unique Hearteyes, is a chaotic rumbling and squeaking soundscape that has risen from the ashes of noughties pop-punk. Featuring Canadian hyperpop star 8485, Hearteyes is continuing to push the boundaries of music creation by transforming what’s been done before into something only a distinctively creative mind could create.

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The latest track from Hearteyes (a.k.a Maurice Santiago) treads a classic emo/pop-punk structure. Starting with polished and soft vocals that launch into a frenetic attack, all the while contrasted against the sugary styling of Canadian hyperpop star 8485, F.U.A (an acronym for ‘fucked up again’) is an edgy and emotive 21st century track. The transitions from auto-tune, synths and an electrified production to a more traditional punk/rock beat has F.U.A keeping a foot in two camps and two starkly different moments in time.

F.U.A.’ is about acknowledging and accepting the variables for a relationship’s end and the subsequent coping mechanisms people have in dealing with it. Whether you turn the experience into a positive, or revel in the misery, they are both healthy.


Launched ahead of Hearteyes’ upcoming mixtape ‘Headbangers 2′ (out July 16 through Coalesce), the track is an enticing showpiece that hints at what’s yet to come from the progressive artist.

Stream F.U.A and watch the Official Visualiser below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo