Sydney singer Abby Fuller has released a funky shower of sunshine in her latest track, ‘Good Mood‘. It’s a lively song with a simple message – use the good times to recharge so that you can shine your light through the dark times too. With an R&B/chunky funk crossover that absolutely pops and a rolling chorus that forms one juicy hook, Good Mood lingers long after it has ended.

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The opening lines of Abby Fuller‘s latest track ‘Good Mood‘ provide a warm introduction to a punchy, feel-good pop number, with a slight Natasha Beddingfield nostalgia. The chorus is packed with a thick punchy bassline reminiscent of the Spice Girls‘ ‘Something Kinda Funny‘, and the slight wah-wah on the guitar track provides a tasty, soulful edge.

The repetitive rolling chorus line that chants ‘in a good, in a good, in a good…’ is a fusion of chunky funk and R&B, with similarities to classic En Vogue or Mary J. Blige‘s ‘Real Love‘.

Good Mood is really just about celebrating the highs and lows of everyday life. Bad moods are inevitable, but they also make the good moods even sweeter, so treasure those good moments to help you through the bad ones!

Abby Fuller

We’re looking forward to seeing where Abby Fuller goes next.

Stream Good Mood below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo