Sydney five-piece Jackie Brown Jr have followed the release of their latest track ‘Happy (you wanna be)‘ with a confetti-filled, prop-laden video clip. Matching the cheerful and contagious energy of the track itself, the fast-paced clip will get your feet moving, your smile widening and your insides bubbling over with happy liberation. Take this as your cure to the midweek slump – it’s guaranteed to spark some fun in your day.

Photo: April Josie

Sydney-based indie rock group Jackie Brown Jr have crafted a soulful mood booster full of melodic serotonin as they harness excitable late-night thought patterns to create toe-tapping tunes. There’s something comforting and familiar about the opening of ‘Happy (you wanna be)‘ as its melody follows a similar pattern to Gang of YouthsLet Me Down Easy. The nod to simple ’90s rock provides nostalgia against the warmth of the big-band energy brought in by the brass section.

I imagined the opening to feel like you were walking home down the street on a summer night, it’s 3am and you’ve been out with your friends and you’re lost in thought. The chorus just popped into my head one day and the opening verse was written under pressure because we were going into the studio the next day and I still hadn’t written any lyrics! Amazing what a deadline can do.

Madeleine Mallis, Frontwoman and Saxophonist

Following the track’s release, Jackie Brown Jr have unveiled a vibrant DIY-style video clip that’s bursting with colour and feel good vibes. The group contrasts their joyous energy against a crisp white backdrop, never taking themselves too seriously. With props, illustrations and showers of rainbow confetti, the clip is the perfect mirror image of the song itself.

Mallis says of the video clip, ‘It was meant to be a one take, breaking the fourth wall vibe. It’s our most rehearsed video ever (and with the most props). April Josie was the brains behind making this one pop and we had a great team and crew helping make it happen!‘.

Stream Happy (you wanna be) and watch the official video below:

‘Happy (you wanna be)’ was recorded at Church Street Studios and features guest artists Jack Purdon (trumpet), Julia Goyen (Alto Sax) and Matt Bell (Trombone). Mixing was completed by Sean Carey, with Steve Smart carrying out mastering duties.

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo