Hard To Say‘, the latest track from Jiordy, is a spellbinding song that simply stops you in your tracks and lays its hands on your heart. As the first song lifted from her upcoming EP ‘A Sprig of Wattle‘ (due for release in August), the delicate lyrical reflection creates the slight sense of discomfort required in order to grow and move on. The simplicity of this track is heartbreakingly beautiful, as the rhetorical questions are left swirling around in your mind against the stunning melodic ambience.

Photos (including featured image): Stephanie Cammarano

There’s a magic to singers who can totally captivate you with such restrained delivery. ‘Hard To Say‘ is dripping in honey and glistening in a glowing morning dew. It’s dreamy and cathartic. In some parts, it’s as if Jiordy is speaking secretly and poetically. In others, her vocals simply shimmer.

There’s a slight sense of nostalgia that creeps through – something of the ‘Sway‘ by Bic Runga ilk – but it’s Jiordy’s steady, understated vocals that anchor this song with their depth and weight. Light as air, yet heavy as rain – it’s an any-kind-of-weather track that showers you with the warmth of a setting sun and equally overwhelms you with the loneliness of an overcast sky.

Being in your 20’s is a time of intense growth and learning, and this track is a reflection of those formative adult years and the trial and error that comes with navigating and asserting my place in the world.


The song is co-written and produced by Liam Brown, and captures a moment of heavy introspection against the challenge of accepting that time keeps moving forward – and as such, we must also continue to evolve with it.

Stream Hard To Say below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo