LASHES (a.k.a Ballarat local Yohanna Bright) has released an emotive track about the unrequited love that sometimes stems from friendship. ‘Heavenly‘ is a song that is fiercely passionate and awakens your senses. Instead of retreating under the crushing weight of someone else’s decisions in a soured fling, LASHES is reflecting on the impressions left behind.

Image: She is Aphrodite

The lyrics to LASHES‘ latest track ‘Heavenly’ are razor sharp, cutting through the bullshit and diving straight into honesty. Throughout the song, she intertwines two takes on the same story. The first one is the girl who is hurt, and who can see through someone else’s lies. The second is the girl who longs for the time spent with someone regardless of how bad it might’ve been. To paraphrase LASHES, she’s missing the heaven in the hell.

The opening phrase of the track is momentarily deceptive, mirroring something akin to Skrillex‘s Bangarang (ft. Sirah), before launching into a soft, whispering electropop ballad. There are two rippling synths that fade in and out of the foreground. One offers dark and dense tones, the other muted and glittery decoration. Written and recorded with Jackson McRae (George Alice, Allday), and mixed and mastered by Samuel K Sproull (Japanese Wallpaper, Eliza & the Delusionals), Heavenly is beautifully paced track that shows LASHES’ confidence in her convictions.

A few years ago, I fell really hard for a friend of mine. It wasn’t meant to be, but I felt the most “myself” I’d ever felt when I was around this person, and that was a really difficult thing to let go of. The song is about all of the things that are left unsaid, and all those moments of looking back on the times shared, wondering if they cast you in the same light you cast them in.


Stream Heavenly below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo