Highway Song, the latest offering from Western Australian alt-country singer Siobhan Cotchin, is a slice of heavenly alt-country that could melt away a moment. It’s the kind of tune that falls to pieces like glitter, only to be swept up in a melancholy breeze. Cotchin’s eloquent storytelling is soul-piercing, as she sings a tale of hurt while offering all the warmth and comfort you could ever hope to find.

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The most striking songs are often the most understated. With a sturdy piano that provides a pillar of strength against beautiful vocals that elegantly fall around it, Siobhan Cotchin‘s latest poetic serenade is purely exquisite. The simplicity of the opening melody seeps beneath your skin and into your bones. The clarity of Cotchin’s voice then opens up that space so that it can fully envelope you, like a heavy hearted hug. She tells a story through song that could bring you to tears every single time. Highway Song is about trying to escape, trying to run, hoping to break free. It acknowledges the exhaustion of feeling hurt or lost and the weariness that comes from trying to get ahead of it. It’s a track that works in clear chapters – an emotive beginning, a soaring middle, and a heartbreaking yet hopeful end.

This song is very special to me. I remember exactly how I wrote it; I was at the studio doing some pre-production and was suffering from some serious writer’s block at the time. I told Elliot (Sundown Studios) how I was feeling and we just put on some music I’d never heard, which is something that always inspires me; hearing new and exciting sounds. It wasn’t until the car ride home that I was suddenly I was hit with all these words and melodies. I kept singing it the whole way home so I wouldn’t forget it and I wrote it all down as soon as I got through that front door.

Siobhan Cotchin

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo