UK artist and producer Maths Time Joy has released his second collaborative track with New York-based artist Rich. Rich has lent his lyricism to a track that will reach many empathetic ears as he sings of the doubt, embarrassment and epiphanies that come from unrequited love. Maths Time Joy’s production is lush and balanced as it ebbs and flows with intensity to mirror the rollercoaster of emotions of the topic in ‘Hoping You’d Call‘.

Photo credit: left: Lizzie Wood x Right: Blythe Thomas

UK-based, Grammy-nominated artist Maths Time Joy describes his connection with the widely acclaimed New York-based, Rich, as instant. He says, ‘sometimes you have to find the point where you connect musically and other times it just instantly makes sense, and it was that way with Rich‘. The pair, despite only having met once in person, have an incredible chemistry that they’re channeling into this collaborative project.

Following on from their last release, ‘Change’, the pair’s latest production is a song about unrequited love. ‘Hoping You’d Call’ features a mix of Rich’s buttery vocals and MTJ’s signature abstract production. Rich’s lyricism is painfully relatable. The words stick in your mind just like they’d stick in your throat if you tried to utter them. MTJ has paired this with emotive swooping synths and reverberating background noises that mimic the hauntings of neighbourhood chatter on a lonely, cold night.

I wrote this song after going on a few dates with a guy and started getting feelings for him that were unrequited. I started doing all the classic things people do when they start falling for someone – telling everybody about him, feeling weightless, and planning out every text obsessively. I was really let down when he said he just wanted to be friends.


Stream Hoping You’d Call or watch the lyric video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo