Melbourne artist Meghna has served up her latest slice of hypnotically dark pop. Her flair for creating brooding tunes that showcase her vocal range continues to shine through, while the depth of her storytelling is cleverly disguised in her understated delivery. ‘In My DNA‘ couples sharp percussive sounds with a thick bassline to create the ideal canvas for her voice to dance between.

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Meghna‘s latest track is a dark and moody bedroom pop track challenging heritage. No matter your background, the experiences of your parents, grandparents and even great grandparents can play a significant role in shaping your life and your view of the world. Sometimes it’s the triumphs of past generations that are carried through to the present. Other times, it’s the hardships. The attitudes that are passed down – and the fears, the hopes, the dreams – can be an exquisite thing to explore, or a difficult thing to unravel.

In My DNA is a reflective track that considers the confines of one’s DNA. In true Meghna-style, the complexity of her voice and her command of her lower register is an absolute stand out and sells the moodiness of the song. The little vocal and melodic embellishments throughout the track are a subtle nod to traditional Indian music, creating a unique point of difference. It’s gripping and imperiously constructed, with an intensity that bounces off the walls and a depth that swallows you whole.

‘In My DNA’ was written based on the experiences of my parents and grandparents in India, as well as an interesting documentary I watched on the Bangladesh brothel town of Daulatdia… The documentary follows a young girl and her life in the village — she wants an education but it’s difficult to access one. She says that the town is ‘unsafe’ for her because all these men hang around, looking at her with malicious intent…They want to escape but feel that the town has trapped them…My parents and grandparents had also experienced poverty and conditions like this in India.


Meghna further says of the track, ‘Essentially, ‘In My DNA’ is about thinking that ‘you have to be something’ because it is ‘in your DNA’, or in your roots but still hoping for better things, or for things to be different.‘.

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo