Townsville indie-folk artist Voye has released a colourful and delicate track, all the more enhanced by the harmonies of Matilda Duncan. With gentle finger picking that dances alongside the strum of an electric guitar and a chorus that escalates and showers down a deluge of emotion, Paint is a timeless track that will always lend itself to an emotional escape.

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Paint is the kind of song that brings you back to earth while helping reality melt away around you. The earthiness of this tune is humble and homely, and the combination of Shemmah Appleton and Matilda Duncan‘s vocals is authentic and comforting. Appleton’s voice in particular is inimitable. His tone and enunciation is totally unique, and his semi-spoken lines that drift into a commanding melodies are captivating.

‘Paint’ is a song about how isolating painful experiences can be, but also how a shared experience of loss can break down our walls and people together in a really special way.


The release is accompanied by a music video produced by Robert Crispe and featuring contemporary choreography from Felix Sampson (Dance North). Sampson’s choreography shows an internal struggle across various scenes while Appleton and Duncan sing their serenade on a low-lit stage.

Stream Paint or watch the music video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo