Last month, Australian-in-Paris Jack Grace released his latest track, Redemption. A sentimental track that captures melancholy and nostalgia, Redemption is an uncomplicated tune that takes you unaware. At first it feels like easy listening, and then it feels like a chase for something else. But eventually it leaves you with a sense of wanting more for your own self-exploration. A song to sit with, be still with, sink into and dissolve in, Redemption is a little piece of magic.

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Redemption is the latest sonic journey for Sydney-born, Paris-based artist, Jack Grace. Embodying the cross-cultural experience, Redemption is an intricate track that contrasts a composition that sounds like its under water with vocals that resonate in the open air. With a cool flowing beachy sparkle which is such a staple in Australian music, and the dreamy, romantic chicness of Parisian nightlife, Jack Grace has created a beautiful journey of introspection and escapism.

The song has a little bit of the world-dominating craft of The Killers, coupled with the slow burning build often nailed by the likes of Gang of Youths. It’s a tempered track that teeters on the edge of its peak the whole way through. But instead of feeling incomplete or anticlimactic, it runs deeply through your veins to create a long-lasting sense of comfort and curiousity.

I built the tune over a synth loop that sounded to me like highway noise. The story fell in and around that. I wrote the song out of hope for a connection through the search for redemption. I hope that out of the chaos and deconstructing we get a shot at redemption and begin some kind of a revival, soon

Jack Grace

The video clip, shot by Paris based production agency Septembre00 in multiple locations across the south of France, was created as part of Grace’s own escapism from lock down.

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Director Guillem Cruels said of the video, ‘when Septembre 00 and Jack proposed me to work on a project around the concept of Redemption and the transition from darkness to light, I thought that it would be really interesting to use a car as a tool to move this character on a timeline, from darkness to the light and also through his feelings and sensations‘.

Listen to Redemption and watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo