Victorian duo Square Dance Caller (a.k.a brothers Mick and Brendan Etherington) have taken a heightened rock approach to their debut track ‘Swimming Pool‘. It’s a refined production full of uncomplicated elements, drawing on both classic songs and modern indie rock influences. The result is an unforgettable tune that’s a little bit dreamy, a little bit dark, and a whole lotta dirty.

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The opening of ‘Swimming Pool‘ has a simple rock bass line that immediately piques your interest. This thudding beat is juxtaposed against a layered vocal track that begins its journey in a higher pitch before steadily descending into a dominant tone. The stand out element is the introduction of a Van Halen-style synth that quietly, yet emphatically, pierces through the background of the song, offering a subtle nod to some of the pair’s classic rock influences.

With a short and sharp electric guitar melody that is reminiscent of The Clash and dreamy background harmonies that transport you to the stage of The Eagles’ ‘Hell Freezes Over’ Tour, there are decades to unpack in three short minutes. There are also hints of modern indie rock, with the clean tone of the Arctic Monkeys and vocal cadence of Kingswood quickly coming to mind.

I wrote this song during the second lock down in Melbourne in 2020. Stuck in my room, I’d been mucking around with drum loops and came across a cool beat that I liked. It started with the bass riff and grew from there. I’d never really written a song like that before, but I really enjoyed trying a different approach.

Brendan Etherington

The brothers say of working together, ‘we find it easy to throw musical ideas around together and be brutally honest whether we like things or not. Rather than gigging crazily we’ve spent more time on the writing & recording aspect of this project.Swimming Pool is certainly a hearty introduction to the Victorian duo as they begin paving their pathway in the Australian rock arena.

Stream Swimming Pool below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo