Last week, 23-year-old coastal folk singer Jack Botts released his stunning EP ‘Slow Mornings‘. Documenting a moment in time, where work and relationships clash amidst the further trials of distance, Botts’ has acknowledged the lessons that come from hindsight and celebrated the greatness of a love that won’t falter. Read on as we take a closer look at one of our favourite tracks, ‘Tattoos‘.

Photo: Kieran Tunbridge

Tattoos‘ is a confession of love, a tender moment of pure adoration that supersedes any glimpse of negativity that came before it. Based on a simple act of intimacy – the tracing of tattoos on the body of another – it perfectly evokes a happy Sunday morning, lying in bed with the sunshine streaming in and all the unspoken words of affection swirling loudly around in the silence.

There’s a bittersweet element to this track, as Jack Botts celebrates his love for his partner, while also lamenting the distance between them. As if his emotions were bubbling over, Botts delivered something a little bit different on the track. ‘I went into the studio with my producer Garrett Kato, and he was like “why don’t you just fucking scream out that last chorus”, so I did. Pretty sure it’s the highest I’ve ever sung, but it felt pretty cool,’ says Botts.

I had just had a shocker of a week with my partner on FaceTime. The long-distance thing was getting the better of us. Maybe we both said some things we didn’t actually mean. It doesn’t matter, it was the heat of the moment. I wrote this after reflecting on the hiccup, and realised there wasn’t anything wrong with ‘us’, it was the situation.

Jack Botts

As the closing track of Botts’ EP ‘Slow Mornings‘, it serves as the final chapter of a six-track collection of soothingly composed tunes wrapped up in his easy-natured singer/songwriter style. As he navigated the obscurity of 2020, it was the heartache of a long-distance relationship alongside work that inspired much of the EP, with Botts further revealing, ‘[t]his EP will always remind me of a really tough year, but I appreciate everything that came from those lessons.’

Stream Slow Mornings below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo