Anna Cordell is going to hold an extra special place in the hearts of ’80s and ’90s kids. She has a stunning command over the best of indie-folk and ’90s rock, while equally capturing the creeping influence of the ’60s and ’70s. Listening to ‘The Children‘ is like plummeting into a decades-long time warp, with each moment bringing a new blast of nostalgia and the desire to sink into a pile of records for hours on end.

Picture: @laura.may.grogan

Anna Cordell‘s latest song ‘The Children‘ could have been lifted straight from the peak of the ’90s. The guitar track, which is a little reminiscent of The CranberriesZombie (yet nothing like it once Cordell’s vocals come through), is a simple homely strum with a muted tone and humming reverb. There are clear throwbacks to the likes of Radiohead and Powderfinger in amongst a myriad of other beautifully scattered ’90s themes, as well as the underlying haze of ’60s/’70s classics. The folk influence in her voice creates a dreamy, breathy escape as she soars into her higher register, chanting a hypnotic repetition.

The Children is the first track lifted from her upcoming EP (due for release later in 2021) and follows on from her debut album ‘Nobody Knows Us‘ (2020). Her return to music last year was nearly a decade in the making. In that time, she’s grew her family by five and worked on her thriving fashion label (@annacordellclothing). She says of her return, ‘I wanted to come back to my music with a band and enjoy the community that it brings playing with other people.  It’s drawing new things out of me and I’m really excited about sharing new music again!‘.

So many of us feel cut loose internally – as if we’re floating in space with no direction, nobody to guide us, nobody to trust. This song is about looking for signs in the little things – the waves, the flickering of a candle, the stars in the sky. It’s reflecting on the beauty found in life’s simple pleasures with a sense of hope that there is something more out there for us to connect to – something that also connects us all together.

Anna Cordell

Stream The Children and watch the animated video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo