TOOTHBRUSH, the latest single from Saint Lane, is fresh and uncomplicated. The kind of tune you’d love to sit on a turntable and spin on repeat. The song is a calm look back at a relationship that hasn’t worked out. It captures the mundane spiral of being stuck in a rut, while paying due respect to that little hint of magic that once existed. It’s rhythmically and melodically easy going, and largely thanks to Saint Lane’s poetic finesse, it leaves you feeling lighter for having heard it.

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With a nonchalant lilt, Saint Lane‘s latest track has a low-key grace that is completely undemanding yet totally delightful. With some memorable Mac Miller vibes, Saint Lane’s steady story-telling rap style moves melodically as he gently bounces in a perfect wave. The New Zealand born, Gold Coast-based artist is continuing to establish his dynamic style, and TOOTHBRUSH is a song that opens up his ability for elegance, ear for samples, and knack for understated, catchy hooks. Lyrically, TOOTHBRUSH is unpretentious and relies on some tongue-in-cheek frustrations to make it all the more relatable.

Inspired by a conversation with his taxi driver, Saint Lane elaborates further on the story behind the track:

I asked him what has been happening in his life and he said he met his girlfriend in university before COVID and they signed a year lease together after only knowing each other for two months. When he moved in, he smoked a joint and his girlfriend freaked out and broke up with him saying she could never be with a ‘drug addict’ so now they just co-exist in the house until the lease is up. He dropped me off to the studio and I wrote a song about his situation.

Saint Lane

Stream TOOTHBRUSH and watch the Official Music Video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo