‘Wonder’ is the latest release from American future-funk producer Yung Bae that forcibly demands your attention in all the right ways. Amidst a sonic waterfall of magic, and a bit of that signature James Bond-style soundtrack intensity, Wonder is absolutely glowing. Throw in the infatuating vocals of Californian rapper Channel Tres, and you’ve got an orgasmic whirlwind of chunky beats that is undeniably lustrous.

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Internet sensation Yung Bae has a grasp over both the modern and the traditional as he continues to serve up revolving platters of disco, jazz, hip hop and funk. His ability to fuse the obscure with the well-known to create powerhouse tracks is indisputable. His latest track ‘Wonder‘ is full of an adventurous energy that offers a treasure trove of elements to discover upon each listen.

There are few singers that can achieve that deep, sly, lyrical poetry – the musical equivalent of talking dirty, a.k.a the Barry White effect – but Channel Tres delivers this in droves. His steady groove is the perfect complement to the vibrant orchestral and disco-infused soundtrack created by Yung Bae. The contrast of these two artists makes for a full spectrum experience in ‘Wonder‘, as the slinky and seductive vocals play with the flirty and bright melodic composition.

I’ve been a big fan of Channel Tres for a while, and really wanted to get this to him. It turned out we have a lot of the same friends and were able to get connected. He came in one day with me, Bekon and The Donuts, wrote out another verse and killed it. The whole thing just felt so natural. I couldn’t be more excited with how it came out.

Yung Bae

Alongside this single, Yung Bae has also launched a new podcast called Groove Continental Radio on Apple Music. You can tune in live every Sunday at 12pm AEST, or on-demand anytime on Apple Music Hits, as Yung Bae explores the evolution of funk and disco.

Stream Wonder below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo